About Evenlode

Evenlode is a rather quirky character created by Evenlode’s Friend for a series of books of Supernatural fiction/romance set in the city of Norwich.  This is how he is described:

 ” I examine Evenlode over the rim of the glass, his cadaverous face and luminous blue eyes.  A mouth soured by life.  Wiry hair streaked with silver.  Tall, tawny and scrawny, with the distinct air of ingrained grime.  The sheen of grease on his jacket revere.  The brownish stains on the rim of his collar.  Perhaps he was handsome once, twenty years ago, in a gawky way.  His light grey suit is probably a memento of those Eighties salad days.  His grey slip-on shoes definitely are. 

The coke is cold and sugary enough to sting my teeth.  Goodbye enamel.  Evenlode leans on the bar confidentially.  His teeth are as yellow as his fingers, but the odd thing is, I have never seen him smoke. 

Even with his Glaswegian armour, though, Norwich has ground Evenlode down.  Perhaps had he stayed on his own turf, he might have made something of himself, but that time has gone, along with the ghost of a bar of soap with which he might once have been intimate.  But for all that you can say against him, Evenlode has an unnatural cunning, a resourceful intelligence that has kept him alive in this excuse for a life for decades.  Not a lot goes on in the city that Evenlode doesn’t know about.  And he is clever enough to know his usefulness to both sides of the law.”

Of course, Evenlode is hiding an extraordinary secret, a pair of wings and a past so labyrinthine it boggles the mind.

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