The Vote

Yes, there really is a place called 'Rest and Be Thankful', and here's the proof!

 ‘Rest and Be Thankful’ in Argyll, Scotland. 

I would never normally comment on world events on this blog, but I feel like today is different.  Today – well actually about 7am this morning, when Husband stumbled into our bedroom to tell me the news, even though I was still half asleep – the world changed.  Just a little bit, but it changed.  Significantly.

The Scots voted ‘No’ to independence.

Most people on the planet are probably blissfully unaware of this little morsel of news.  Here in the UK, we have had weeks of coverage, and in the last few days, it has been continual.  Which has been a bit frustrating for those of us south of the border who didn’t have a vote.  Nevertheless. dear reader, you are probably wondering why a nation of around 5 million people voting for no change actually changes the world significantly.

Because in a country where voter apathy is endemic, and in which some elections only manage to raise 10% of the electorate from their armchairs, the Scots managed a dazzling turnout of 85%.

This included sections of the population who had never been engaged by politics before, including teenagers.

What is more, there are few, if any, other places in the world where a mother parliament would willingly allow one of its subordinate states to vote freely and fairly on whether to opt out of the Union, and then respect the result.

Whether you agree with the decision or not, I believe this is a HUGE triumph for democracy, and it should be trumpeted throughout the world, and especially to all nations who are struggling with what it means to have one person-one vote.  And somebody should explain it to Vladimir Putin too.  (Just saying.)

I wish you a happy and free weekend, one in which you are free to create as your conscience dictates, without political censorship.


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