A New Beginning

So, here’s the thing:

A lot has happened since I last posted on this blog.

Years. A Pandemic. Two more bereavements. Major life stuff. Oh, and an MA in Creative Writing. Although I don’t want to jinx that by writing too much about it because I haven’t quite finished it yet. Another month to go.

Cross your fingers for me!

I’m thinking about life on the other side. Putting my original writing out there. communicating my thoughts again after such a long time away. I couldn’t say what was in my head at that time. I was pretty much over blogging. to be honest. I thought the rest of the world was too. It seems not. It is coming back, thanks to the backlash against social media. Those people who still have any attention span left after years of Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are ready to read actual articles on Substack now. Well, I have’t not off to look at Substack. I’m staying her on WordPress for the moment. Thats an idea for another day.

The thing is, as I emerge from the academic writing cave, I have realised I am going to need a place to share my thoughts. I’ve realised that I miss doing that. A decade ago, I really loved this blog and put my life and soul into it. Now it needs an overhaul, but there’s a place in my life for it once again, and I’m glad.

So watch this space to find out what I am doing when I am busy procrastinating about finishing my manuscript!

love EF

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