Monday Quick Fic: Wings

john and sherlockI was having a bit of a crisis last week, and the adorable agnesanutter was so kind and sweet and supportive.  I promised to write her something.  A Johnlock, which I had thought, in the midst of my meltdown, that I would never manage to write again.  I made this today.  Its a little along the lines of ‘Shark’, but longer and deeper. A little more angsty perhaps.

Dear Agnes, I hope you like it.

  ” They had been sharing the Baker Street flat for a month when Sherlock finally challenged him.  John was amazed it had taken him that long.

            ‘I never see you naked,’ he said, out of the blue.

            ‘Don’t pussy about, Sherlock.  Just say what you think, never mind about holding back and considering my feelings!’

            ‘Feelings have nothing to do with it.  Why do you keep yourself covered all the time?’”

Read the rest here.

Happy Creating,


3 thoughts on “Monday Quick Fic: Wings

  1. Lovely Pink Girl

    Hi EF,

    I’ve been breaking my butt trying to figure out how to PM you since I read about your crisis last week but have been unable to figure out how to do it. So I’ll just write my thoughts here.

    I think you’re a brilliant writer. I love your Johnlock stories and yours is the first Tumblr I’ve ever followed, so inspired was I to find more writings by you.

    You know, mean people suck. And there are always going to be mean people, or people who aren’t exactly mean, but who are critical. What is important is that you hold onto the truth about yourself, which is that you’re a brilliant and inspired writer. The other thing to remember is that writers write. So f&%k those who would inspire you to stop. The world needs your good works. So please keep writing. As they used to say in the 80’s in middle America, “Don’t let the turkeys get you down.”

    Lovely Pink Girl

    1. evenlode1967 Post author

      Thank you so much for your generous and touching comment. It makes me feel so much better to know that my work touches people. So often, we work in a void, without any contact with our readers, and the internet helps with that. But it can also be a dangerous place. Usually, I just brush it off, but this time it pushed all my buttons! I also think it was a lesson I needed to remind me to focus on what I am trying to achieve, not what I think readers want. Hearing your voice in the wilderness, calling out encouragement, feels wonderful. Thank you. I’m still a bit wobbly, but I am getting there.
      With love and grateful thanks,


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